Atlas OIL

Atlas Oil is a leading company in the market as one of the bitumen suppliers and manufacturers.

Atlas Oil has been created to provide an authoritative voice for the bitumen in Iran, road tar and tar road, asphalt bitumen, asphalt tar, bitumen tar, bitumen emulsion and bitumen membrane manufacturing industry. Many types of bitumen have been available in Iran for over 100 years and are manufactured by responsible Iranian bitumen refineries, using high-tech methods, who are dedicated to providing environmentally safe.

Atlas Oil has focused on the production and export of many types of bitumen such as road bitumen, industrial bitumen, emulsion bitumen and other bitumen grades. The long-term experiences of Atlas Oil, as well as state-of-the-art technology, the high quality of our bitumen and of our customer service, are the foundations for implementing the mission of Atlas Oil.

The mission of Atlas Oil is innovative development in the area of the bitumen suppliers.